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Revise Revise vs. Get It Out There

The desire to revise is the key to clarity

The desire to revise carefully is the key to clear communication.

I advise you to revise if you ache to be great

In an online world of daily and often by-the-minute production and publication, I am the novelist-at-heart who wants to produce only his best work and not let it be seen until it is utterly revised.

“But you have to get it out there: market it and spread the word,” the blogger in me beseeches. There is much daily infighting between him and the novelist.

“You can’t sell what the world doesn’t see repeatedly,” echo the voices of countless sale people I’ve met at networking events.

The retort comes quickly.

“If it’s not been carefully moulded and diligently reworked, it can’t be much good and shouldn’t be exposed to the light of day until such editing has occurred,” ring the voices of discontent from the writing workshop I attended with religious regularity in my 20s.

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My Teenager and Her iPhone6s

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The iPhone6S and the hand of the teenager that owns it

The iPhone6s was released a few weeks ago with much fanfare, including the tagline “The only thing that’s changed is everything.” This state-of-the-art smartphone promised such unique must-have features as 3D Touch, a more advanced camera, “the next generation of multi‑touch,” the most advanced chip ever in a smart phone, a breakthrough design, advanced security and faster Wi-Fi, all topped off by another omniscient tagline: “An experience unlike any other. On a phone unlike any other.”

Here in my house, its arrival was met with instant jubilation. My 14-year-old daughter made no bones about the fact that she wanted one to replace her quickly obscuring iPhone5. She was ready and willing to pay for it with the money she had saved from her birthday. What could we say? We called our service provider and negotiated the best possible deal on the yet-to-be-released device and within two weeks, it was in her hands. A few hours later it was fully charged and ready to use, much to my daughter’s delight.

Now it’s been in her possession about three weeks and I was curious about it as the focus of a blog article. I wanted to get the scoop from her on what’s so cool about this phone and why it’s such an important part of her life. Here is our interview. Continue reading

“Eat It,” in Baseball & Social Media

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Before posting on social media, think of baseball

When you hear the expression “eat it” you might reflect on several things: a command from your mom when you were young and refused to devour what she put on your plate; years ago, your friends daring you to taste something revolting (i.e. goldfish, in the olden days); or a parody of Michael Jackson’s 1982 classic “Beat It” by Weird Al Jankovic.

“Eat it” is also an expression often heard on the baseball diamond. It’s used when a fielder is about to make an ill-advised throw of a “live” ball: a ball that has just been hit and is in play. The fielder wants to make an out because that’s the name of the game on defence: to get outs. The throw may be considered ill-advised when the hitter or other base runner is likely going to beat the throw. The other fielders see that throwing the ball likely won’t result in an out, any may mean the ball is thrown away and the runners advance. So, they yell out “eat it” in an attempt to get the fielder to hold on to the ball and minimize the offensive damage.

In this case, “eat it” is a command to devour it yourself: don’t give it away, surrender its effects, or push it on someone else. It means that you, the one holding the ball, needs to take the most advisable action: NOTHING. Continue reading

The LinkedIn Invitation Mistake

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Write something personal and show that you care.

Do I know you?

That’s my first question when I check my LinkedIn Invitations tab, to see who’s trying to connect with me.

Typically, it would be someone from my professional past, long before LinkedIn existed. It could be a friend. It might also be someone I’ve recently met at a networking event.

Far too often it’s someone I’ve never met or heard of. I don’t know why they want to connect with me because they don’t tell me. They use the LinkedIn invitation template, which says “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” They could have replaced that with up to 300 characters of text that actually means something to me. Continue reading

How a Business Blog Eases Information Pain

Chiropractic association blog is painlessly effective

The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) has one of my favourite websites. I like it because it’s simple yet stylish, well laid-out with large feature images and buttons, the text is easy to read and the drop-down menus are well arranged. And, the site has a comprehensive and regularly updated blog that reaches out to potential clients and offers a solution to their problems.

The blog page of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

The blog page of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

The CCA is responsible for giving chiropractic care a good name in Canada and advocating for its member practitioners. They know that one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to educate people about the value of chiropractic care and offer a convincing case for its inclusion in every Canadian’s healthcare regimen. Point in case is their November 12, 2014 post – The Future of Canadian Healthcare: A Chiropractor on Your Health Care Team. Continue reading

Pinterest for writers

great image from thewritelife.com

great image from thewritelife.com

I’m a big fan of social media, but only when I can use it as a practical tool. (Admittedly, Facebook is an exception.)

When I first began using Pinterest months ago, I didn’t realize it could ever be a practical tool. That’s the thing about social media, I find. You have to take a bit of time to understand the various platforms and what they can do for you. It helps if they’re also fun to use.

Pinterest has become both practical and fun, because I have started to use it as a place to gather all my writing resources. These resources are in the form of hundreds of websites, and articles on these websites. So far I’ve only just begun to assemble them on Pinterest.

Here’s a look at what I’ve come up with so far.

When I was a boy… (My writing history)

Determined little Erich

Determined little Erich

It occurred to me, in the shower the other day, that if I’m going to sell my wares – my digital content production skills – online, I should have some sort of story with which to advertise myself.

So, here I am telling you how I became a writer, and journalist, digital media producer, blogger and social media specialist.

First of all, I didn’t choose to be a writer; writing chose me. I know it’s a cliché but that’s the way it works.
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