Hire Me / My Services

Hire me for my writing and online content services. I’m available for long-term assignments, special projects and even short-term work. Contact me with your needs and we can begin determining the best possible course to get you the results you want.

My prices

My prices are in line with those listed on the page What To Pay A Writer on the Professional Writers Association of Canada website. They typically range from $75 to $125 CAD (Canadian dollars).

You might be interested in knowing the benefits of hiring a professional writer and content marketer as opposed to doing the work yourself or hiring someone who may not have the requisite skills or experience.

My aim is to always to save you money or make you money by utilizing my writing, media and communications expertise.

Here are the services that I offer:

Writing – and copywriting – for the web and paper places

I lean on my decade-plus of online writing experience at CBC and Citytv, plus my training in creative and technical writing. My aim in all cases is to create content that is concise, informative, entertaining and SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

  • Web Content
  • Articles (including blog articles)
  • News/press releases
  • Studies / Reports / Guides
  • Sales letters
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Newsletters

Marketing copy

You want readers to be persuaded and influenced to seek out your goods and services. I will produce professional copy that highlights your competitive benefits, features and company history in a way that shows off your company’s unique story. I favour the approach taken by Device Media which uses seven essential elements of online marketing communications to maximize sales and profits.


You’re a busy and dedicated professional. You’re very good at what you do and you don’t have time to sit down and create books, articles, stories, reports or other documents. I will ghostwrite your content and your name goes on the front of it. I can produce the whole project with input from you, including research, interviewing, writing and revising. Or, I can simply copy edit your work.


I take your words and rearrange them so that they shine. The message and tone remains yours, so it’s like you wrote it yourself, except that you didn’t have to bother with it. You concentrated on what you did best and left the word-wielding to me


I’m no stranger to picking up the phone and calling someone, and explaining to them why their story makes for interesting reading. I’m a gracious interviewer and I always ask the 5 Ws: Who, What, Where, When and Why. And of course the one H: How. Most of all, I search for that ‘A-ha’ moment, where the interviewee reveals something and a light goes on in my head.

Social media management

I create your social media posts and publish them on your social media sites. The messages I produce – with your input – will be on brand, informative and interesting. Check out the “Follow Me on Social Media” widget on the right side of this page for the sites on which I’m most proficient. Let’s talk about your needs and we’ll come up with a plan. Typically, that plan begins with Facebook and Twitter and grows from there. In can include LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.