Erich’s Writing Portfolio

There are plenty of articles and stories that could have sneaked their way into my writing portfolio. Here are the entries that ultimately made the cut. The first batch are from my years with the CBC Digital Archives website, a treasure trove of Canadian history. The second batch are selections from an interesting long-term project I did for The Yellow Pages, called Neighbourhood Business Stories. The rest shows my diversity as a creator of communications content, media releases, non-fiction and fiction. You already know that I’m a prolific blogger.

CBC Digital Archives reports that I wrote and produced

The remarkable fruition of Gros Morne National Park

The longest canoe trip ever

Kenora’s Husky the Muskie

Basketball, ‘the invention of a Canadian’

David Chilton’s dream come true

Can Whistler still be ‘the Aspen of the North?’

Canadian Tire’s mistaken leap into the U.S.

Yellow Pages Neighbourhood Business Stories that I wrote and produced


Allure Fitness Inc.

The Buzz Hair Styling for Men

Russell’s Flower Shop

The Dickens Pub

Call Us Computer

Communications Feature

A New Home For Hospice

Communications/Web Content

Why Choose Soma?

Media Release

Discerning Dog Embarks on Canine Care Mission


Mycoplasma Unearthed: My Recovery From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Short Fiction

The Regret

Writing Advice

Erich’s Writing Guidelines: Be Yourself, Carefully, With Editing

Trip to Goderich, August 2009

Trip to Goderich, August 2009