About Me

On a fall walk in Parry Sound, Ontario

On a fall walk in Parry Sound, Ontario

I’m an experienced and dedicated professional writer, content marketer, content strategist and journalist: a veteran of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Citytv, both located in Toronto, Ontario. I’m also a trained and prolific award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction.

My brand of storytelling

Storytelling has become a key to commercial success. That’s suits me fine because I’m a born storyteller who loves to use words to create a lasting impression.

I hate feeling overwhelmed by overt advertising. It’s everywhere! It’s much better to provide useful and relevant information that is told in an interesting and down-to-earth way. This approach is now seen as a vital component of any business strategy, and that’s a great thing.

Now about that storytelling that I do: There are remarkable stories in every “gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse.” (Thank you to the makers of “The Fugitive” for these words, delivered by Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard.) My mission is to find them and capture their essence, with clarity, creativity and compassion. I sell sincerity. I communicate messages in a way that helps me sleep at night: with honesty and conviction.

The Internet and social media simply help me, and the business owners and companies that I work with, spread our messages more effectively than the old paper way. And, clients can interact with us, which adds to the fun.

Me, Personally

The 615 at the end of my name in my URL is my daughter’s birthday. She is the only person in this world that calls me dad. It is the best word ever invented.

Besides writing and the online world, I’m a sports addict and walking sports encyclopedia. My baseball knowledge is off the charts, way beyond the limits of what is considered normal. I will use any and every excuse to travel, anywhere. I walk, I run, I lift, I stretch; I just can’t stop moving. My heroes include my wife, my mom, and strong women everywhere; soldiers and first responders; and Bruce Springsteen.

In my 2014 softball uniform

In my 2014 softball uniform